Not Just A Paving Company
Welcome to General Asphalt Paving Co. of Philadelphia. The essence of our business is to provide our customers with safe, reliable, skilled and cost effective work forces, to perform in a manner consistent with customer objectives. In 1898 John Meehan and Son was established, they had offices in New York and a Quarry in Maine. In 1955, General Asphalt Paving Co of Philadelphia was established and in 1981, our businesses merged together.

Market Sectors

We have over 100 years of experience in the following market sectors. We are a 4th generation family owned business.

Mechanical Division

John Meehan and Son is a total service organization providing dependable cost efficient services.
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Underground Services

Natural Gas - Electric - Communication - Water and Sewer
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Commercial Paving & Restoration

Mill and overlay - Full Depth Road Construction - Asphalt Paving - Sidewalks/Concrete/Curbs - Pipe and Inlet
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Bridge Utility Projects

Water - Gas - Telecommunication Conduit - Electric Conduit
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Find Your Career at
General Asphalt Paving

Every employee is provided with the necessary tools, training and support to achieve their personal potential, and to participate in the process of personal improvement and realization of job satisfaction. We will champion reward for commitment and quality performance.
  • Gas ForemanLooking for gas utility, underground construction foreman with 3 to 5 years of experience.
  • Utility Construction LaborerLooking for utility, underground construction laborers.
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