About Us - General Asphalt Paving Co.

Our History

Customer Satisfaction


Without customer satisfaction our company would not exist. Therefore we will continually monitor our performance against customer expectations. Make changes where necessary. Continue to use the principles and concepts of Quality Management to assure recognition of favorable ways to improve service quality and cost reduction.

Competitive Standing


Utility contracting has become a very competitive market of the contracting industry. We are committed to being cost competitive through constant monitoring and control of our operating expenses, including capital expenditures. We are willing to invest in new equipment and technology to enhance our productivity, thus being able to give our customers lower rates. Lower rates combined with exceptional quality service will assure us a competitive edge on the competition.

Contracting Business


We intend to sustain our business success through continuous improvement. Our Methodology to accomplish this will be to measure and track our performance, analyze issues, identify improvement opportunities, foster open communication, value diversity and create superior quality work teams. Our employees are encouraged to seek and share information, create intergroup networks, and manage conflict. Our supervisors are constantly providing direction, empowering others, coaching and developing piers, and are well known for championing change. All of these things combined and implemented on a daily basis should surely give our company high standing in all of our customer’s minds.

Asphalt Paving Business


One of the advantages that John Meehan & Son has over many of our competitors is the fact that we are directly involved with General Asphalt Paving Company. This relationship helps our company attain cost efficiency, by allowing us to bid our jobs that involve paving with cost
saving that are returned to our customers. With the supervision of both companies’ being one
and the same, our customers receive the benefit of no diversification on principles or business

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